Blowing Deadlines

I just blew another deadline. First I said the new Orphan Songs album would come out in December 2013 and then I said January 2014. Truth is, I’m not sure when it will be ready for release but I am getting there. I am I’m taking the time to work on it. Part of why I failed to meet the deadlines is that I went from trying to make an EP with five songs to making an album of nine songs. And that’s a good thing, right? Eight of the tracks are done and just need some fine tuning. Then I only have one more song to record. It’s a new song I wrote a few weeks ago called ‘The Pearl’. It’s about ‘The most beautiful space station ever created’. Think about that one for a while. 

Music for kids makes the difference

Daddy Donut and his Brachiosaurus

I’ve added a page here on the website about my music for kids. At first I didn’t really want to talk about my work with music for children for the Orphan Songs fans. I felt I didn’t want to scare people off by promoting an album most of your wouldn’t really have any interest in. But as I am integrating all my different creations more and more and it feels natural to make cross references between my different projects. I won’t bug you about it though, but I want you to get a chance to get the album for free.

Dowload Dinosaur Songs for free

Right now, if you go on to the Daddy Donut website you can download the album for free by subscribing to the newsletter.

It’s really great working with kids, making music, videos and shows. It may look as if Daddy Donut is stealing time from Orphan Songs, but that’s not really true. As Dinosaur Songs is turning into such a success I hope it will enable me to focus more on Orphan Songs in the future. And right now I’m just one song away from finishing the new OS album.