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Youtube Channel – first clip, new song

I’ve set up a Youtube Channel and uploaded my first clip. It’s the opening song from the 2008 release concert for the debut album at S√∂derport down by the castle here in Kalmar. For some reason I started the show with a song that was NOT on the album. I guess you could call that “commerical suicide” – haha! But it always more fun playing new songs than old. The problem for me (and all other unknown artists) is that we don’t understand that to most people listening ALL songs are new and that the few fans that show up at our gigs want to hear songs they have heard on records. But what the heck! I’ve never been much of a crowd pleaser.

“Midsummer’s dream” is a song I wrote in 2007. I remember my son Svante particularly liked this song. He was just nine or ten months at the time I wrote it, but he always listened carefully whenever I played it. At times when he refused to eat I used to go get the guitar and play this song. He would sit perfectly still… listening… forgetting that we were shoveling food into his mouth. ūüôā

Peace and love!

Jul jul…

It’s Christmas time and I thought I’d upload something with a Christmas vibe. Problem is, I havn’t got any¬†Christmas songs of my own¬†to share.¬†Truth is, I really really¬†love Christmas carols. Some of my best songs are actually inspired by Christmas carols.¬†There is a Swedish song called “Jul, jul str√•lande jul”, which gives me goosebumbs every time I hear it (as long as it’s not an exceptionally bad version). I can honestly say that on my top ten list of performances that made a great emotional impression on me, “Jul, jul str√•lande jul” is represented several times. Some of them where in church listening to¬†a really good Choir. One was just a friend of mine playing the piano, humming, making excuses as she couldn’t really get the chords right. Still it was absolute magic.¬†You know what it’s like. Time stands still. Nothing moves.¬†All there is is the melody. The song is a perfect combo of a¬†wonderfully changing melody and lovely¬†words of beauty, hope and peace. If you have Spotify, I recommend¬†this choir version:¬†Lund Cantores Cathedrales ‚Äď Jul, Jul Str√•lande Jul – Christmas, Radiant Christmas.¬†This is¬†the best recording I could find (and there are many). Still,¬†it doesn’t come close¬†to the¬†live experience.
That’s it. I’m writing a Christmas carol. Someday.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Harmonies and Dane Cards

About a month ago I was visited by my friend Nate Kremitzki from Rockford IL, USA. We first got in touch back in 2003 (I think) when he sent a fan mail to my old band Eyedrop. We started talking and quickly struck up a friendship online. In 2008 he first came to visit for Midsummer‚Äôs. This year he came back again and we had a great time visiting friends, checking out the sights, drinking real coffee, eating moose and being refused to buy beer in Copenhagen as we didn’t have “Dane cards” – a local Danish credit card of some sort. Most bars didn’t accept anything but this stupid card and after having watched our beer being taken away as the bartenders realized we didn’t have Dane cards we figured it best to ask before ordering anything as we tried another place: “Do you accept VISA?”. The Danish bartender’s hilarious (but rather upsetting) reply was: “Is it a Danish VISA?”
I’ve never heard of a local VISA card. After a while, we gave up and went to Helsingborg looking for a drink only to be denied entry to the night clubs as we were “too scruffy looking”. Haha! We finally found refuge at a place called ZOO bar. It really was just like a zoo in there, but at least they accepted our looks and VISA cards.

Later that week, we drove up to the old family farm to stay at my Grandma‚Äôs abandoned house. We brought tons of beer, an acoustic guitar and the old Roland VS 1680, the most reliable portable recording machine ever built. We had decided we wanted to record something together. Amazingly, Nate turned out to have perfect harmonies for many of my songs. Our voices made a nice match and we ended up recording 20 songs! Some were good, some were not so good, some were funny and some just had a bit too much of that drunken vibe to them. We were both pretty buzzed, we had never sang together before and there was no rehearsal whatsoever. ūüôā

Below: Me and Nate by the old Castle in Kalmar.