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I am a Jedi – Music Video

I’ve started making electronic music and my first track is now out. It’s called I AM A JEDI and it has been released under a new stage name: The Great Johansson. I recorded a music video for this Star Wars themed song starring my 10-year old son, Svante. We had a great time recording it but it was a real challange due to the cold weather, bad lighting and budget equipment. But I think it turned out great. Here it is. Hope you like it.
Here is the website for my electronic stuff:

No Serenity Inside The Red Lodge

Once a week, I get together with my friend and fellow musician Martin Johansson a.k.a.¬†Anikee. We don’t have a rehearsal room so we usually meet at my summer cabin. There is no heat this time of year so we have to squezee into the smallest room and turn on the fan to get the temperature up. Then, for a couple of hours, it’s all about red wine, guitars and voices in the flickering candle light. For the last couple of months we have been preparing five songs each to eventually record an acoustic album. This clip is a song of Martin’s called “No serenity”. The video was recorded with Martin’s Iphone. I think it turned out pretty good. More videos to come.