Dinosaur Songs! The World’s Oldest and Heaviest Children’s Album


Since the FAWM project in february I’ve been busy with a completely different project. Orphan Songs is on hold at the moment, right now I’m all about Dinosaur Songs! I’ve written and recorded an entire album of songs about dinosaurs, for kids, in Swedish.

About a year ago our son Svante became very fascinated with dinosaurs. I realized there are a lot of dino books and dino toys but hardly any dinosaur music at all (at least not very good). So Svante and I started making up our own dinosaur songs. The idea of making a children’s album grew as we wrote more and more songs and in april I decided to I was going to start recording. It took me about two months to record and complete the album. I was kind of impressed myself by my own achievement, but after I wrote 15 songs in 29 days during february I feel there are no limits to what I can do if I put my mind to it. It’s a great feeling knowing that if I make a real decision to do something, I will do it. I’ve never had that before, but right now I have it.

There are twelve songs on the album and one of them is written by a friend of mine, Christian Nilsson. I’ve also written a story to go with the music and I am putting on a show this summer in my home town, Kalmar. I intend to turn the story from the show into an audio book (and perhaps also a book). For the artwork I am fortunate to work with Peter Svärd, great illustrator from Malmö who did the album cover. I have no idea what will come of this, but I had a great trip making the album. It was fun, playful and everything came together without much effort – creativity at it’s best.

There is a separate website for my new kids music alias ”Pappa Kapsyl” here: www.pappakapsyl.se

I’m not sure what I will be doing the rest of the year, but I have promised myself to release a new Orphan Songs album. I intend to keep that promise.


UPDATE: I’m making an English adaptation of Dinosaur Songs. Check out the Daddy Donut website for more information about the project.

Here is a screening of the entire album by some Swedish deep throat dude :)

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