Free Music

Why I give away my music for free

The current socio-economic system of this world  is a mess. It perpetuates profit-seeking, power over others and inequality. In the process we are destroying the earth. Humans need to evolve from their ego-based mindset – otherwise we will perish.

I believe it’s in our nature to share with others. I believe we can create a better world in which we free our minds and our creativity. But I can’t just sit around waiting for other people to start changing things. We all need to do our part to create a better tomorrow. My humble contribution is to share my music. Hopefully I will inspire someone else to share as well. I believe in a future world in which everything is free and were we use our energy to co-create our existance instead competing with each other.

I try to live my life along the lines of the following teachings: “Be the change you want to see in the world” and “Don’t die with your music still in you“. Thus, I pass on what has been given to me – my passion for making music.

How does it work?

My music is licensed under Creative Commons licenses – most of them CC-BY or CC-BY-SA. This basically means that you are free to download, copy and use my music any way you want as long as you give credit to Orphan Songs and (if possible) link to this website. Click on the licenses for details.

Read more about my thoughts on free music, Creative Commons and my world view in this interview.
If you are a film-maker, organisation, company and want to use my music in your projects. Please read this page.