Free music for apps, films

Royalty Free Music for Apps, Films, Games, Movies

Are you looking for quality background music for an app, video or multimedia project? Perhaps your organisation or company needs some music for a project but you don’t want to invest a lot of money in licensing music before you know the project is a financial success? Orphan Songs offers quality indie, folk, singer-songwriter, pop, rock on Creative Commons licenses. Most of the music is licensed CC-BY or CC-BY-SA.

If you find a piece of music on this website that you would like to use in your movie or film project, you are free to do so without paying any fees or royalties. But please remember to credit Orphan Songs and link to this website (if possible). Please also send me a message and let me know about your project. I love to see how my music is used by others.

But what does it cost? Can I pay you?

Well, if you are making a free app or a video just for fun or for non-commercial purposes – please go ahead and use my music for free. If you are a professional creating an app, film, game for commercial purposes, please consider licensing the music through Jamendo Pro. It’s very affordable and then you can feel secure that you have the rights to use it. Of course, you could go ahead and use my music anyway and send me some money when you start making a profit from you app or movie.

It’s simple really: To create something new we often need to build on what other people created. But it’s very expensive to license music – at least for people just starting a business. If I were to make money from something you helped me create, I would want to give you both credit and some money. So if your app or film is a financial success, please consider licensing the recording or making a donation through Paypal. Let’s share, build on each others creations and share again.

Best regards,
Carl-Otto Johansson