Help a brother – song for Japan

A song for JapanHelp a brother cover art

When Japan was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 I was moved in a way that I had not been before. Sure, I’ve always felt for people who are suffering, whether it’s from hunger, poverty, war or  natural disasters. But this time it was different. The feeling was deeper. I don’t know why.  For some reason I have always been very fascinated by the country of Japan and Japanese culture and I would love to go there, but that’s not really the reason my compassion was so strong – it just was. So I followed the news in the media, I donated money and sent the people of Japan my thoughts.

Shortly after the incident I wrote a song called “Help a brother”. It came to me while I was doing the dishes one day. As I recall it, I wrote it all in one fell swoop. I started recording it right away, but then for some reason I never finished it.

Today it’s been one year since the disaster and a week ago I decided I would finally finish it. Here it is, and even though it’s specifically about the events in Japan its message is one of brotherhood and oneness.

The song is free to download and share. If you like it, please don’t donate to me this time, instead consider donating some money to people in need.

Get the mp3 in the download area.

Japanse flag cover art by Dominic’s pics.

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