Jul jul…

It’s Christmas time and I thought I’d upload something with a Christmas vibe. Problem is, I havn’t got any Christmas songs of my own to share. Truth is, I really really love Christmas carols. Some of my best songs are actually inspired by Christmas carols. There is a Swedish song called “Jul, jul strålande jul”, which gives me goosebumbs every time I hear it (as long as it’s not an exceptionally bad version). I can honestly say that on my top ten list of performances that made a great emotional impression on me, “Jul, jul strålande jul” is represented several times. Some of them where in church listening to a really good Choir. One was just a friend of mine playing the piano, humming, making excuses as she couldn’t really get the chords right. Still it was absolute magic. You know what it’s like. Time stands still. Nothing moves. All there is is the melody. The song is a perfect combo of a wonderfully changing melody and lovely words of beauty, hope and peace. If you have Spotify, I recommend this choir version: Lund Cantores Cathedrales – Jul, Jul Strålande Jul – Christmas, Radiant Christmas. This is the best recording I could find (and there are many). Still, it doesn’t come close to the live experience.
That’s it. I’m writing a Christmas carol. Someday.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

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