Music for Kids – Dinosaur Songs

I also make music for kids, both in English (Daddy Donut) and in Swedish (Pappa Kapsyl). My album ‘Dinosaur Songs’ has quickly become an online success on Youtube and although the intended audience were dinosaur-loving preschoolers it’s apparent that parents and other adults are becoming equally fond of the music and videos. It’s so much fun and it really lets me connect with my playful side.

Here is the music video for the song ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’:

I wrote the dinosaur album for my oldest son when he was about five and became fascinated by the giant lizards. It coincided with a period in my life when I decided to quit my day job, follow my dream and make music full time. First, I wrote it in Swedish but I simultaneously worked on the English version.

Dinosaur Songs - great music for kids and parents

Click here to visit the Daddy Donut website.
Here are some other links to Daddy Donut’s Youtube channel, Dinosaur Songs on Spotify etc. More links are available on the website.
Go to the Daddy Donut Channel on Youtube

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