The most depressing song I ever wrote.

To be left alone was a song I originally wrote for the 2008 Orphan Songs album. I left it out for several reasons. When putting the track listing together it didn’t really fit with the rest of the songs. The production was slightly different and the lyrics was perhaps not in line with the rest of the album. The song is a story about someone who is trying to find some sort of refuge in this crazy, noisy world where everything seems to be for sale and where the human race is consuming/destroying the earth at an alarming rate. 

Writing this I recall a kid’s story from one of my favourite albums when I was young, “Barnlåtar” by James & Karin. It was called “Sagan om Stefan” (Stefan’s story) and it was about a boy who left his home to go live in the woods. He built a house, learned to find food and felt really happy and at peace. But after a while a forest ranger came and told him he had had to tear down the house if he couldn’t produce a building permit. The story ends as Stefan decides to take a stand and tells the forest ranger: “I don’t care!” I have not thought of the similarities of To be left alone and Sagan om Stefan before, but it’s obvious to me now.

Nathan Kremitzki, one of my most trusted friends when it comes to my music called To be left alone the most depressing song I ever wrote. Perhaps it is. Well, it’s not uplifting that’s for sure. But it’s sincere. Sometimes I feel like I want go live the rest of my days in a tree top somewhere deep in the forest – just to be left alone.

Download the mp3:
Orphan Songs – To be left alone

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