Youtube Channel – first clip, new song

I’ve set up a Youtube Channel and uploaded my first clip. It’s the opening song from the 2008 release concert for the debut album at Söderport down by the castle here in Kalmar. For some reason I started the show with a song that was NOT on the album. I guess you could call that “commerical suicide” – haha! But it always more fun playing new songs than old. The problem for me (and all other unknown artists) is that we don’t understand that to most people listening ALL songs are new and that the few fans that show up at our gigs want to hear songs they have heard on records. But what the heck! I’ve never been much of a crowd pleaser.

“Midsummer’s dream” is a song I wrote in 2007. I remember my son Svante particularly liked this song. He was just nine or ten months at the time I wrote it, but he always listened carefully whenever I played it. At times when he refused to eat I used to go get the guitar and play this song. He would sit perfectly still… listening… forgetting that we were shoveling food into his mouth. 🙂

Peace and love!

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